Blood Bowl

Manage your Blood Bowl leagues and get a quick access to game materials : teams, skills, reference tables, match schedules and standings.

Facilitating playing blood bowl


See the description of all the races, their positionals, starplayers and inducements.


A question about a skill effect or how to use it?


A few clicks are enough to build a team and compute its cost.

By the players, for the players

Join us

Want to participate in our blood bowl games? Novice or experienced? No matter, we accept everyone.


Any questions or feeback ? Share your idras. Whatever the reason, feel free to contact us.

Thanks painters

Thank you to the painters that has accepted to share their figurines to illustrate the teams shown here. Browse the pictures in the painters' gallery.


A relevant grouping of the game aids

Find the positionals of each race, staff, starplayers, partial referees and the different inducements the simplyest way. All resources are centralized on a unique page for each team.

Cheat sheets accessible everywhere, all the time

You have a question during your game? Need the kickoff table or a skill description? The game aids are grouped together and accessible on your mobile, even when the network is off.

Automatic league management

Create your league and your teams: Mordorbihan builds your schedule, updates renkings and teams after each game.

Resources & Inspirations

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